An Ode To The Things I Will Remember 2017 Fondly For, Since Everything Else Was Pretty Much Shit

Reminding me that my goals are creative-centric, and that the amount of time I was spending working behind a bar is ridiculous, and that it doesn’t have to be that way.

The cool weekend trips I took to Boston, Rhode Island, Stamford, and Port Jefferson.  They set the stage for all the new adventures I plan to embark upon in the new year by showing me how easy traveling can be and how helpful it is to leave Manhattan and see new things, even if for work.

Getting my student loans paid, with the help of my loving and always-supportive family.  Those guys are the best.

Finishing my undergrad should probably considered a “fond” occasion of the year, despite the quarter-life crisis and subsequent change in career path that followed.

All of the good dogs that appeared in my life and gave the most unconditional, pure love.

My boyfriend, who, despite my insanity and a lot of turbulence in our relationship, has been a rock for me in this crazy time of my life, and gave so much kindness and amour and support.

Deciding I’m a writer and doing that thing.

Football, because that has been a crazy enterprise from which I have profited.  I’ve truly loved every second of game watch and commentating.

Leaving the job I felt trapped in on good terms, with the support of the family I made there; allowing for the opportunity to embrace new, more constructive opportunities.

My midtown bartenders who played a huge role in easing my thoughts during the tough stuff, and were always down to have a good time every single day.  In fact, a Happy New Year toast to them, and all the party nights that are in the books from this year, and the ones to come.  “To life; to love; to sex, drugs, and rock & roll!”

All the lists I made that helped me stay organized in my life and my thoughts, or at least FEEL like I was.  This one counts.

My customers, who are the coolest people I have ever encountered.

My customers’ stories, which enlighten and inspire me every day.

The bounty of incredible books, articles, columns, and essays that I encountered, especially those that have resurfaced as reference points in my own work and life, and those that have been handed to me as opportunities.

SoulCycle, which has done little for my body in my lack of attendance consistency, but much for my spirit and confidence.

Building my personal brand, which has required a lot of soul searching, but ultimately gives my work an essence unique to me, which my closest confidantes claim is present in everything I write, be it for myself or as a ghostwriter.

All the protests and activism that went down in support of those who needed help all year.  This includes the Women’s March, the outcry over the travel ban, the saviors who risked and sacrificed to help during natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, and the progress that was made in recognizing the importance of diversity in our entertainment and media.

Rediscovering deep thought - the most vital height of my year.  In all the trials, traumas, successes, and discoveries of 2017, thank goodness for this most of all.