Work With "The Ugly Kids"

I've been working with some fellow Fordham alums to expand their PR for the new musical "The Ugly Kids," which premiered this week at the Fresh Fruit Festival.

"The 2018 Fresh Fruit Festival 16th Season at The Wild Project, 195 East 3rd Street presents the premiere of a new musical, The Ugly Kids, by Anna Michael and Tony Macht.

It's beautiful being friends with the ugly kids. College student Chris wants to embrace that ugliness, and to let in her weird new poetry club friends. But her need for control (and her struggle with an eating disorder) make it hard to let go-or to see her roommate, Alice, as a person instead of a savior. Jazzy piano and interspersed spoken word underscore this truthful yet joyful story about learning to save your own life."

Full press release HERE.

Editorial feature HERE.