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LWOS: New York Giants 2018 NFL Draft Review

In their first draft under their new general manager Dave Gettleman, the Giants continued to strengthen their roster, reportedly considering pick trades but ultimately holding to their assigned order for the entirety of the weekend. The six fresh faces are:

  • First Round, second overall: Saquon Barkley, running back, Penn State
  • Second Round, 34th overall: Will Hernandez, guard, UTEP
  • Third Round, 66th overall: Lorenzo Carter, linebacker, Georgia
  • Third Round, 69th overall: B.J. Hill, defensive tackle, N.C. State
  • Fourth Round, 108th overall: Kyle Lauletta, quarterback, Richmond
  • Fifth Round, 139th overall: R.J. McIntosh, defensive tackle, Miami

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LWOS: Lawrence Taylor: The Legacy of the New York Giants at Pick Number Two

On Thanksgiving 1982, Lawrence Taylor was a hot grenade. His pin had been removed early in the fourth quarter of the holiday game by Detroit Lions quarterback Gary Danielson. The Lions had driven deep into the opponent territory on their home turf, threatening a touchdown to break an arduous 6-6 tie game. Danielson had his offensive line prepped to make way for a clean left pass towards running back Horace King. The Lions position themselves in a formation familiar to Taylor’s mental playbook. He prepared his stance for battle.

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LWOS: Why Saquon Barkley Is Worth the Investment for the New York Giants

A trend has sprung in the springs of recent years, as rookie running backs have reaped bountiful returns. Todd GurleyEzekiel ElliottLeonard Fournette… the proof is in the stats associated with these names. The value in these young players for the teams that they have assisted to championship contention is clear in the numbers that they have provided. The New York Giants’€™ second pick is a question that looms in the form of a special young man named Saquon Barkley–arguably, the prospect of the generation. All of the aforementioned players have become prized possessions as top-five selections. Although draft day is palpable, there is still a bounty of options for trades; not to mention the notoriously needy Cleveland Browns are in a rare position of power at pick one. That said, Barkley is the most infamous non-quarterbacking player in the draft and provided his availability, is well worth the investment for the Giants.

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