Writing + Editing

I am a published writer and journalist, with bylines in local publications all over the United States, as well as as column on Last Word on Pro Football and LWOS.LIFE, where I also serve as a Managing Editor. I also publish original work right here on my blog, KATAMPLATING. I have a vodcast every week with my good bud Andrew, called Under Further Review, and am a certified copy editor through Writer's Digest. This fall, 2019, I’ll begin a year of intensive training at Columbia School of Journalism, where I’ll be on track to earn my Masters in Journalism in May of 2020. Here is a brief list of some of my favorite writing projects in the recent past:


+ An interview with Poona Ford and his high school football coach

+ An essay on one of my favorite places in the world

+ A feature on Lawrence Taylor, the Giants most recent #2 draft pick since Saquon

+ A press release for the Cunt Collective for their FOSTA-SESTA protest event

+ A bartender's lament

+ An analysis of political women leading up to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

+ An interview with a young model-turned-chef

+ A review of Amy Schumer’s stand-up special, Growing, and the future of comedy

+ A speculative piece about Penn State QB Trace McSorley’s future

+ A feature interview with Michele Selene Ang about her work on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

+ An ode to the late Tyler Trent


For all business inquiries, please email kkst3v3ns@gmail.com, or fill out the form on the CONTACT section of this site!


Last Word on Sports

In January 2018, I signed on to write a column and features for Last Word on Pro Football. My column mainly focuses on the news surrounding her New York Football Giants, but also addresses league issues on a broader spectrum. In season, I release a new piece every week, and in offseason, bimonthly. In June 2018, I came onboard the site in their lifestyle section, LWOS.LIFE, and was promoted to Associate Editor in August, before taking over the role of Managing Editor in March 2019.

Freelance Work

I frequently freelances beyond sportswriting, much to my pleasure. Also experienced in ghost writing and certified in copy editing from Writer's Digest, I am always excited to work on projects beyond my Giants column and self-published essays, and frequently freelance in PR. Contact me through the form on this site, or shoot an e-mail to kkst3v3ns@gmail.com to work with me on your next project!


Under.F.R.Oct - 00096.jpg

Under Further Review

I met Andrew Lemieux at a Clemson bar sometime last year through mutual friends from our theatre backgrounds. That night, we found out we both have people close to our hearts who went to Notre Dame, we went to the same college for three days, and we both love football more than just about anything. Three(ish) beers later, we started planning what would become Under Further Review.

After an inaugural pre-filmed episode released on August 28th, 2018, just ahead of the regular NFL season, we began broadcasting on Facebook Live, and uploading the audio to SoundCloud. Additionally, we now stream on Apple Podcasts!

Under Further Review is the brainchild of two young people who love football, dares, booze, and debate. Join us on our journey as we descend into obliteration every Monday!